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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critically important to us.  Your information is secure and private and will remain that way. Email addresses will never be shared. I use PayPal, so your financial information is never known or shared. 


Privacy Policy
When you visit our website and view pages, no personal information of any kind is collected about you.
We do keep statistics of how many people visit our site, where they came from, and other like data. But none of this data uniquely identifies  any individual. This information is gathered only for review of our website and to improve it.
If you sign up for our mailing list... We will need your email address. The information you provide will be kept confidential, and will not be used for any other purpose than the one you have authorized. 
If you make a special request in the contact form... this information is kept in my database for reference. Your personal contact information will NEVER be given out. 
When you order something I keep your address on file securely for reference, but is NEVER given out or shared in any way.  



Terms of Use and Disclaimers

Please understand that all web sales are final, and Natural Suds N More does not accept returns.  The only exception is if your soap arrives damaged, or your order is incorrect.  I must be notified within 48 hours after you've received your shipment if you do not like a scent, if it's damaged, or if the order is incorrect.


Vegan Soaps... about 90%  of my soaps are vegan and gluten free.  Those that aren't vegan are the Women's Soap, Men's Soap, and Mechanic's Soap... they contain beef tallow. Two of my soaps contain ground oatmeal, the face soap and the Beeswax Honey Oatmeal Soap. I try to accomodate people's beliefs. That's another reason why I offer so many kinds of soaps.


Soaps sold online are sold by sight only. But I list what essential oils are in the soap and/or fragrance oils. So it's hard to know if you will like a scent or not unless you smell it.  So if you absolutely do not like a scent I will trade for another as long as the soap has not been used in any way. If you can make it to a vendor show I do that would be ideal. You can smell each soap to see what you like.


Handcrafted soaps are unique. The designs are unique. No 2 soaps will look a like. I use a different recipe for each kind of soap I make, but humidity, temperatures, and other factors can and will affect the outcome of the soap. I make every attempt to duplicate soaps, but the designs will never be the same.  


I make the soaps with a lye/water mix... after curing the lye has been chemically changed and is not caustic anymore. But It can and will sting your eyes, so avoid the eye area. 


Handcrafted Soaps need to be kept dry inbetween uses. They are not made with hardeners like store bought soaps.  If they sit in water they will dissolve or slowly melt away. I recommend using Soap Decks or a raised soap dish. I have options listed in my blog.  I also recommend a soap caddy in the shower up high out of the water stream.  This will ensure your soaps last as long as possible, and you have the best experience with them. 


Handcrafted soaps need to cure for 4-6 weeks before use.  If you can indent the soap with your finger... it's not cured yet.  How the soap is made completely affects how long it needs to cure.  If it has gone through gel phase or not.  I do not gel my milk soaps and some of the other ones.  I let those cure for 3 months.  The cure process means the water is evaporating from the soap. I'm required by law to list the weight of the soap on the label, but all weights are approximate and vary from bar to bar.  Over time the water evaporates hardening the bar. The longer the cure, the harder the bar. But it still needs to be kept dry inbetween uses.


Since each soap is unique... the picture in the listing may not be the design of the soap you get. I make every attempt to rephotograph each new batch for the listing, but just know the photograph may not accurately represent the design of the soap you will receive. But it will be the same soap and recipe.


Prices and soaps are subject to change at any time. Once soaps are sold out, they may not be available again for a couple months. Some soaps I make only seasonally.  My dandelion soap is only made in the Spring from fresh dandelions I pick from my yard.  Some soaps I make are more expensive to make and the price reflects that. The Frankincense and Myrrh soap is one of those. The essential oils alone added $2 per bar. 

Please respect the hard work and the heart I put into my products.  I only use the best ingredients, and will never use cheap oils and ingredients to sell my soaps cheaper. I will not compromise the quality for any reason. I started making soaps to make them superior, and to make products I'm proud of.  


Products are made with CERTIFIED ORGANIC OILS and NON GMO ingredients:  Not every oil I use is certified organic, but they are NON GMO. My recipes are about 90% certified organic oils.  Hopefully by next year all oils I use will be certified organic.  I buy my certified organic oils mostly from Soapers Choice. I love their oils and how my soaps turn out. I also use Mountain Rose Herbs,, and have used Jedwards oils. I use organic herbs, clays, and activated charcoal to keep my soaps as natural as possible. Nothing is better than essential oils, but some soaps I make are made with fragrance oils. I use fragrance oils seldom, but sometimes you need a scent that you can't get with essential oils.  My men's line does contain fragrance oils.  I will never use soy, canola, vegetable oil, peanut oil, corn oil, or supermarket olive oil in my soaps.... those are all GMO oils. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.  My base oils are organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, and organic sustainable palm oil. I also use organic cocoa butter, unrefined shea butter, mango butter, and other oils like castor, avocado, and sweet almond oil.


My whole purpose in making these products is to help people get away from the chemical and toxin laden GMO products on the market.  I want to inform and help people as much as I can. I also offer recipes to help make products on your own.  Store bought soaps are made with harsh detergents, surfactants, toxic preservatives, dyes, and are not natural. Our skin needs natural not cheap unnatural products.  The toxins and chemicals in store bought soaps reach our bloodstream within seconds.  Because those soaps aren't natural our skin rejects them... drying out and causing skin problems.  Our skin is our largest organ! 


Handcrafted soaps are made naturally, like they used to be in the old days. Before big manufacturers decided it was a good idea to mass produce unnatural soaps with no regard for safety.  Glycerin is made naturally in the soap process, and it's a natural humectant that draws moisture back to the skin.  Store bought soap manufacturers take the glycerin out and sell it as a by-product, and replace it with unnatural fillers. 


Handcrafted Soaps start with the best recipes... I research continually to make sure my soaps are the best I can make them.  Great soaps are made from great recipes and techniques.  OIls in the right percentages make the best soaps.  Oils determine how hard the bar will be, how bubbly it will be, and how cleansing it will be. I do not share my recipes, but will guide others when asked. 




Handcrafted soaps are meant to be just that... handcrafted and unique soap. I'm not allowed legally to make claims that my soaps moisturize, heal, detoxify,  or repel bugs.  Soap is meant to clean only.  I have done so much research on what additives do and what they are for, and that information is purely educational.  I make my soaps with essential oils, herbs,  clays, and activated charcoal because of the countless hours of research I've done. I will answer questions, but the reason I use these ingredients will not appear on labels or on my website.  


Soap is made with lye, and even though lye has been chemically altered in the soap making process, it can and will sting and burn your eyes. Avoid the eye area, and I'm not responsible for any injuries from getting soap in your eyes. 


You must agree to these disclaimers in order to use my products.  I am not responsible for any misuse of my products. They are intended to be used as they are meant to be.  I believe in my products and I test every thing I make on my self first. I also believe that natural products are much milder, healthier, and gentler on the skin.  I have done countless hours of research on herbs and other additives, but I have to make this disclaimer.


My products are not meant to be used for medical reasons. If you have skin issues please contact a physician, and do what they advise. My products are not a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult a physician if you have health concerns, and before changing any medical care. 


I make no claims for my products, and any information provided about additives and ingredients is purely educational. These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Do not use the information on this website to self diagnose any medical condition or to treat any health problems or skin issues.  The information provided on products is NOT intended to prescribe or to be taken as medical advice. 


If you suspect you have a medical problem or health issue with your skin... please contact your health care provider.


ALLERGIES:  I list all ingredients on my labels and on each web listing, and it's the consumers responsibility to read the ingredients and know what you are allergic too.  Natural Suds N More is not responsible for any individual allergic reaction to these products.  If you have any sensitivities to any ingredients, DO NOT USE.  If you are unaware of allergies and develop a reaction, stop use immediatley and seek medical help.  If you are unsure about allergies, it's always best to do a test patch on your skin, if irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product.


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