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Soap Making Videos

Lye Safety for Beginner Soap Makers

If you are brand new to soap making this is for you. Start with Lye safety. 

Cold Process Luxury Spa Bar

I show you how to work with Clays in CP, and how to do the side angle pour, and the hanger swirl. 

Liquid Soap Making for Beginners

This is a basic Hot Process Liquid soap making method for beginners. It's also a long process, but worth it.

HTHP- Coconut Milk Soap 

If you are interested in making a Hot Process Milk soap, this is how I do it to not scorch the milk. You can also cook lower and slower if you choose.

Beginner Cold Process Soap Making

If you are brand new to soap making, this is a basic video to get you started.

Beginner Hot Process Soap Making

If you are new to HP, this is one way to do it, and I break a lot of info down for you. Please ask questions if you need it.

Vegan Palm Free Cream Soap

I'm not a fan of the high stearic acid cream soaps, so this is another way to do it. This is also done with both types of lye. 

SGHP- Stained Glass Hot Process Soap

This is something I came up with to give the soap a slight transparency for designs. You can do some amazing things with soap.

HTHP- Vegan Palm Free

I had a lot of people ask how to do the Counter Top method without stearic acid,  palm oil, and dairy yogurt. These recipes worked great with this method!

How to Make Coconut Milk at Home!

I make all my own milks for my soaps. This is a quick and easy way to make it at home.

Making of Chris' Oasis HTHP

This was made for and inspired by my friend Chris. She wanted the forest in the soap, and it smells like heaven!

Aleppo Soap (Traditional Aleppo done with a Low Temperature Hot Process)

This is the first time I have made Aleppo soap. I wanted to do this with the traditional 2 oils... olive oil and laurel berry oil. I also did this cook at a lower temperature for those that want to do that. 


Counter Top Hot Process Beer Soap

I love making and using beer soaps.

I do them mostly HP. The CTFHP method works great for this.


Counter Top Fluid Hot Process Soap Tutorial

This is the video for the FREE 20 page picture tutorial that is available on my blog. It is also available in the files of my Facebook group, Soap Making and Business Coaching. 

If you have any questions please let me know.


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