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Soapers Unite For A Cause!

Bernice Ortiz, one of the members of my Facebook Group Soap Making and Business Coaching, has Parkinson's disease. We are uniting for the cause to bring awareness and raise money to help the fight with a Soap contest. My grandfather also had the disease, and is no longer with us.

We have joined Team Fox of the Michael J Fox Parkinson's Foundation to raise money, and the donation is the entry fee into the contest. Since the red tulip is the world wide symbol for Parkinson's, the contest is to create a soap with a red tulip. Willow Dawn has made a beautiful tulip soap for us to help promote this contest. There are some really great prizes from myself, Chris Howells, and Ed Port. All the contest details are pinned in my group if you'd like to check that out. All entries must be posted in that thread. The deadline is April 11th, as this is Parkinson's Day.

If you would like to just donate you can here

Thank you very much for helping spread the word. Please share this.

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