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Free Counter Top Fluid Hot Process Tutorial

I have had several people ask for a tutorial on how I make counter top fluid hot process soap, so I wrote a 20 page tutorial that you can download for free (the link to click on is below). It has so much more information than I can put in a video or blog with step by step pictures. This method isn't detailed in my book, The Soap Making Handbook Vol 1, and it won't be. The tutorial also includes a free recipe that I used in the tutorial.

The Counter Top Fluid Hot Process method is for more advanced soap makers. If you have not made soap before please watch my lye safety video and beginner cold process soap video. I also have a beginner hot process video as well. I have a separate page on my website just for all my soap making videos. This new video will be added to that page as well.

Click here to download the FREE 20 Page Tutorial on making Counter Top Fluid Hot Process soap.

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