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Click below to get the newly updated versions of...

"A Guide to Making Natural Deodorant" and

"The Soap Making Handbook Vol 1"!  


Sorry NO Refunds if you buy the wrong book. These are digital downloads. Refunds are only given if you've bought the same book twice by accident.

Attention Apple Users!

If you are using a Mac or other Apple product, you may encounter problems buying my ebooks using the Gumroad links. So please use my Etsy store to purchase the ebooks. 

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If you have any questions please contact me. 

How to make natural deodorant, Aluminum free deodorant, baking soda free deodorant

Click the Gumroad Link to Buy the Deodorant eBook.

Click below to to get my updated "Guide to Making Natural Deodorant"  price is $29.95!

Updated Version is Now Available with Baking Soda Free Recipes! 

If you have struggled with creating a natural deodorant that won't give you a rash, keeps you dry, keeps odor away, doesn't melt, and can be used in a tube.... You've come to the right place! If you have struggled with baking soda I now have baking soda free recipes for paste and roll on deodorants! I give you so much information to help you create a recipe that works for you using my recipes as a guide. I also give you a step by step picture tutorial.

This is a PDF, and it's printable.

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Click the Gumroad Link below to buy The Soap Making Handbook Vol 1 ebook.

 "The Soap Making Handbook Volume 1"  is now Updated and available now!  $29.95


Are you interested in taking your soap making to the next level?  Also, If you are like me, you are tired of going to several different sources, and researching and looking up the information you need. I spent years researching, and compiling information for you and put it all in one book. I also walk you through how to create your own recipes. I give you information on fatty acids, and individual charts of the fatty acid profiles on many oils, and the SAP chart. I go over cold process, hot process, and liquid soap making step by step picture tutorials. I also give you recipes for each type of soap making process. I also have my Youtube videos hyperlinked in the book as well.  


The Updated Version includes... Palm Free Recipes, Coconut Oil Free Recipes, my new Vegan Palm Free Fluid Hot Process Recipes, A section on understanding superfat, and many sections have been updated. Now includes more oils and fatty acid charts I created for individual oils and includes almost 50 oils!


This is a PDF, and it's printable! 


If ebooks aren't your thing... Print copies are now available through Lulu! It's a print on demand service.  You can go to and search for the book or my name. After it's ordered, they print it and ship it to you! I also have a link to buy it at the top and below. 

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