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Mac Users if you have any issues getting the course

LET me know and I'll give you access via Dropbox.

Master Class: Advanced Soap Formulations

Now includes a Free copy of, The Soap Making Handbook Vol 1 and New BONUS videos and PDF on how to use Citric Acid, sodium citrate, acetic acid in vinegar and how to make sodium citrate at home!  For ONLY $97! 

If you are just beginning your soap making venture, or if you have struggled with fatty acids and creating recipes, or if you have struggled with Soap Calc, this course can help you. Even if you have been soaping for years this ecourse can help you accelerate your success and save you time and money.  The eCourse also includes the course transcripts. You will also get lifetime access to the course, get updates for free, and access to a private Facebook group just for people that have bought the course. All that information is in the transcripts.

You will need a copy of The Soap Making Handbook Vol 1 on hand for this training, so that's why it's now included. This eCourse is a companion course to the book, and is a much more advanced training.


Course Overview ... This is a go at your own pace course and includes access to a private Facebook group just for people that have bought the course.


What we will go over…

Module 1…The basics

Decisions you need to make… oil preferences

How oils are Processed

Common oil percentages for Soaps

Then we dig in to get a deeper understanding.


Module 2: 6 videos

Understanding Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids Defined… this is a long section that goes into more advanced information

An overview of how to use the FA charts in the book

Understanding Unsaponifiables

Understanding Superfat

Understanding Water Amounts


Module 3: 3 videos

Understanding Saponification Values… this is very in depth.

I also break down the Saponification Value Chart and explain how those numbers are found. And I go over molecular weights… don’t worry I break this down so it’s easy to understand.

Balancing Fatty Acids

I go over additives.


Module 4… Creating Recipes (4 videos)

I go over recipes for CP, HP, and Liquid Soaps and designs.

I also walk you through creating a recipe by hand.

I also go over how to change percentage recipes to the amounts you need and more.

Lye Calculators… Brambleberry and Soap Calc

I go over the Soap Qualities on Soap Calc in depth… I tell you how those hardness etc numbers are found and what they mean for you. And I go over the flaws in soap calc.


Module 5!  2 videos

 This is where I bring it all together for you and walk you through using lye calculators with videos.


NEW BONUS VIDEOS ADDED with a PDF on How to correctly use citric acid, sodium citrate, acetic acid in vinegar, and how to make sodium citrate at home! 

If you don't wish to buy the whole master class, but would like this information you may purchase it by itself here...  


You will need to go over the course several times and study it on your own to get the most out of this course.


Click the link below to purchase the whole Master Class or click here... 

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