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​​​Try Natural Soap, nothing compares!
3 for $18


My husband and I have been using your soaps for a year now. Neither one of us would go back to using store bought soaps... Your soaps make our skin feel clean and refreshed... The dandelion soap makes your skin so soft and smooth. I also love the frankincense soap and so many more. Husband loves the man soaps. I love how he smells after using them. You have two very satisfied customers for as long as you are making soap!

Shirley Luth, Iowa

You have a bunch of awesome soap and lotion that won't quit! You will sell tons!!! I love you and all your heartfelt products!! 

Chris Conell, Iowa





I Highly recommend her products!! Great quality and awesome aroma!

Elizabeth Martinez, FL

The Beeswax Honey Soap smells amazing and moisturized my skin! Love it!

Tawny Brain, OR




Natural Deodorant- 

If only I had tried this at the beginning of my hunt for a natural aluminum free deodorant! It is the only one (I've tried 3 prior to this) that I do not have to reapply and I LOVE that it helps your body detox. She kindly warns that as a part of the detox process your pits may get red, but I've experienced none! So happy to be using something good for my body!

Brittany Blakey, FL




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